pooklet: close-up of sailor saturn as she appears on the rebooted manga, volume 10. (:))
Ellyd ([personal profile] pooklet) wrote 2016-07-09 04:21 am (UTC)

hello friend! thank you so much for all yr kind compliments! :D as for naming, azaya and i actually keep an ongoing spreadsheet of potential sim names. we've had it for about five years now. sometimes we specifically google things like "rare [country of origin] surnames" and see what comes up, but mostly they are just names we notice in the course of life, like in movie credits. some of them are blatant jokes (fancy boatsink and jet school are both from a buzzfeed sketch that makes us howl with laughter every time we watch it, frolisch eiscreme is an archer reference), and a few are names that azaya sees while sorting invoices at her job. we've just gotten into the habit of keeping an eye out for interesting names or phrases and then adding them to the spreadsheet.

but yeah i definitely recommend curating yr own list of names! there are a lot of websites that specifically house lists of rare names, usually by nationality, which is a good place to start. from there, movie credits. from there, whatever catches your eye!

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