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this post used to be super long but i got tired of it.

my content policy is here. if one of my old files is missing and it isn't here or here then i don't have it. if you have it, please send it to me, and i will upload it.

legacy wcif policy: ask about the thing you want here, on dreamwidth, in a post where i can see the thing in question. please don't ask on tumblr. it helps if you can either describe the image in your comment or just paste the direct link. anon commenting is enabled, so go wild.

90% of the time if the thing is unreleased it's something i or azaya made and forgot about (or didn't release because it was missing morphs/the great spoonflower meltdown of 2015 scared us off). these days, i'm usually more than happy to turn over shit that i made because i'm barely involved in the creation side of sims stuff anyone. i can think of maybe 3 things off the top of my head that i won't share, everything else is fair game.
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The great spoonflower meltdown??
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I was completely unaware of all of this happening, I mean I knew a bunch of Simmers suddenly went silent or underground but I didn't know why that was happening.
Thank you for explaining it to me.
Hope all is well with you two!
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Why does anyone pay attention to Simmers?
We're smol and like our goldfish.
We do best when ignored and left to our own little world that exists on our computers.