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Hello! The next legacy update should be soon but in the interim I wanted to offer a thing. It's not very exciting, but I personally hate building dorms, so maybe it will be helpful to others who feel similarly? This was the dorm used for the Fiebelkorns in gen 4, and will also be used for the Cakebreads in gen 3.

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HEY EVERYBODY. it's been a year. let's all collectively pretend it never happened. cool?

C̴̛͏̮͕͎͈̥͎̲̟͈ ̝͍͖̣̼͟Ơ͏̞̹̙͍̗̫̝͙ ̧̖̜͍̲̟̖̳̟ͅỌ̞̝͚̻͕͍̣́̀ ͓̭̭͚̱͓͈͕L͏̗̭̦.

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time for 130 pictures worth of non-progress cuz i messed up my ACR settings, effectively rendering the entire island sterile, and didn't realize it for like a week!!

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behold, st. dumpling's claw. so named due to its vaguely cat-claw-like shape by an unknown follower of our lord and savior, dumpling. dumpling was believed to have been subjected to the donning of blue claw caps when she took to climbing curtains in an effort to spread her gospel vertically as well as horizontally.

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